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Are you looking for computer hardware and want to save on the environment?

At the Computer Store Berlin, you've come to the right place. You get a variety of items to upgrade your PC or customize. A very good saving option are our hardware bundles. Defective parts of your PC can be replaced by the components from the Computer Store Berlin. You can also retrofit different parts to make your computer more powerful and energy efficient. The Computer Store Berlin makes more out of used computer hardware.

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Used Computer Hardware - Cleaned and Tested

The used hardware from the Computer Store Berlin is a good savings option. For all components, you can trust that they are clean and tested. Compared to the new purchase you save so many euros. If you would like to upgrade your PC with an Intel CPU, almost all types are in stock. In addition, you get fans, drives, graphics cards, hard drives and a number of other hardware components. Computer hardware makes your PC faster and more powerful. Graphics cards and other components can be replaced with faster and stronger variants. Various functions can be retrofitted.

More from used goods with upcycling and energy-saving components

The Computer Store Berlin makes more out of used computer hardware. With upcycling used hardware components are processed and improved. What is no longer usable is removed and replaced with new parts. The goal is more power and more energy efficiency for the components. If you want to save power with your PC in the future, you can replace old parts that consume a lot of power, such as fans, drives, processors or graphics cards, with refurbished, energy-saving parts. In order to make your PC even more economical, you will also receive power-saving components. If you would like to build a PC yourself, you can use our upcycling components and power-saving components.

Assemble your PC according to your wishes

In order to put together your PC according to your own ideas, you will make a good choice with the computer hardware from the Computer Store Berlin. You get housing, memory and many other accessories. Upgrade bundles consist of several components. They are perfectly matched and offer a good opportunity to save. They are suitable for upgrading, but also for the construction of an individual PC.

Lots of advantages in Computer Store Berlin

At Computer Store Berlin you can get computer hardware at reasonable prices. All used parts have been cleaned and tested. Shipping will take place within a few days.